On Thursday, March 26th, Governor Steve Bullock declared a STAY-AT-HOME executive order for the State of Montana effective March 28th at 12:01am.
Per this directive, the Housing Authority of Billings is declared as an essential business and will sustain business operations. Although staff will still operate under normal business hours, the agency will be closed to the public. Exceptions will be made for necessary appointments.

The front vestibule of our agency will be unlocked during business hours to allow for participants to acquire change forms. Please submit all changes and supporting documents by email if at all possible. If you need to turn in hard copies of change forms and paperwork, please place in the exterior drop-box.

The maintenance staff will be addressing emergency work orders. To submit an emergency work order during business hours, press 0. To submit an after-hours emergency work order, please call 406-248-4111 or press 3 now.
If you would like to access the dial by name company directory, press 2.

To check your status on the wait list or current rent balance, press 1, or dial 406-237-1959.
We are making changes to rents up until the 1st of the month so please be patient when calling to see what your portion of the rent will be.

To be forwarded to the front reception desk, press 0.

We are here working for you and hope you and your family are well.





Right now, many of us are dealing with a bit of uncertainty as we try to keep ourselves, our family members, our work place and our community healthy.

Please know that the Housing Authority of Billings remains steadfast in our service to those we serve, our community partners and our vendors.  We are open for business.  Not business as usual but we are here providing professional, affordable housing options for our community.

Our office is open to the public.  Our office hours remain the same and our employees are here to serve you the best way we know how in this uncertainty.

For now, we are asking you to communicate with us using telephone and email.  If a face to face meeting is needed, we will be happy to meet your needs.  You can turn in any changes to our office via the night drop box or in our lobby.  Change forms are available in the foyer inside our front door.

Currently, our maintenance staff is only responding to emergency work orders.  Our staff is equipped with appropriate safety gear to ensure your safety and ours.  Please do not be alarmed that we are wearing a mask and other protective gear when we come to your home to complete a workorder.  Again, this is for your protection and ours.

For now, we have also cancelled all inspections for our Public Housing and Affordable Housing Programs.  Section 8 inspections will continue to be conducted as scheduled until the federal government provides a regulatory waiver for us to postpone those as well.

We are planning to keep those we serve, our partners, and our staff up to date with information using our Facebook page.  Please find us at Housing Authority of Billings on Facebook.

Thank you for your understanding and your diligence.  You are greatly appreciated!

Patti Webster

CEO/Executive Director

HAB COVID-19 Action Plan


Billings Montana


The Housing Authority of Billings (HAB) is a public non-profit organization dedicated to providing safe, decent and affordable housing to individuals and families in Billings, MT, and within a 10-mile radius of Billings’ city limits. Currently, the Housing Authority of Billings owns and/or manages over 400 housing units and administers rental subsidy for over 1000 units throughout the community.

“It was once said that the moral test of Government is how that Government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped.”

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